Goldilocks outfits for when spring hasn't sprung

Goldilocks outfits for when spring hasn't sprung

The day has come. The sun is high in the sky, you feel the heat coming through your office window, you make last minute plans to get a drink after work. You have finally gotten over the windy, cold temperatures and better days are ahead. Or so you thought…


Every year we have a few stretches of swingy dresses and coatless splendor, and we are sadly reminded that we still have quite a bit to go. So what do you wear when spring hasn’t quite sprung? Not to fear, we can slowly transition into lighter fare and the options are endless.


Often when I am stuck in my wardrobe woes, I stick to an alternating color palate. I will take two opposites and alternate top to bottom. A traditionally winter fabric and color - a chocolate brown velvet - might not be the first choice in a spring outfit. This thought quickly changes once paired with a light base, like this worn vintage graphic tee shirt and off-white straight leg jeans. The slim and long silhouette of the coat balances the cut of the pants and loose tee. It’s easy to balance off the duster with a matching pair of brown loafers to finish the look. It’s clean and classic, appropriate for spring months that could be mistaken for fall.


If the stone colored coordinating bag is not for you, add a cool toned pop of color - like a blue or green purse for contrast.



I often gravitate towards oversized silhouettes as the sun begins to shine for more of the day. It not only keeps the sweat at bay but gives me the room to move freely.


This perfectly cut collared shirt has an extra-large double cuff sleeve. While I could add some vintage cufflinks for glamour, I love how the sleeves also move freely and float around. You can see all the shine and sparkle of my beloved vintage cuff and bracelets.


The slim shape is not overwhelming, and the rounded hem also lessens the bulk in the slouchy baggy jeans. A bright mohair cardigan adds warmth in case the temperature cools even more. While a slim leather sandal might not add warmth, it does keep the look spring forward.




Dinner looks, perhaps, might be the biggest challenge when the spring weather gods are having a temper(ature) tantrum.


These sumptuous silk bias pants feel and look like the most decadent beurre to grace the earth, you know the kind. The rise hits above the midriff, while the width of the trouser makes your leg look a million miles long.


I like to conjure up images of the great greens of the earth so tone on tone was a natural choice. The fluid draping and peplum balance out the sleek pants, while always offering a slight contrast between fabrics.


From alternating colors, tonal pairings and pops of color in warmer fabrics, you will be set to dress for cooler weather until mother nature finally warms up.


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