The case for seasonless fashion

Seasonless style to have and to hold on to: the nine-word Sl’eau manifesto. It summarises our commitment to slowing down the fashion consumption cycle by grounding pieces in quality and rejecting the addiction to constant newness.

Threadbare pjs aside, we think that clothing is art, and art is self-expression. Our clothes tell the stories of who we are and how we want the world to perceive us.

The Sl’eau woman is creative, confident, constantly learning and above all, a good person. Our company and our clothes reflect those traits by exploring the contrast of femininity and masculinity, while being produced with ethics and earth impact in mind.

If clothes really are an everyday art form, then it only makes sense to hold on to them.

How we work

All our clothes are designed, developed, and produced in the UK. To ensure zero wastage we produce items in small batches or manufacture to order. If an item is made to order this will be clearly highlighted on the product page.

Removing seasonality from the equation means that our pieces are more considered, we can repeat and perfect cuts ensuring our customers are better able to assess how our pieces fit into their wardrobe.