Heat and the city. Thoughts on summer dressing

Heat and the city. Thoughts on summer dressing

Summer, it’s a double-edged sword. Most of us are happy to see the return of good weather, but what do you wear when its so humid outside that nudity sometimes seems preferable to putting on clothes?


My first suggestion is a pair of silk shorts. I prefer silk to cotton as silk is moisture wicking whilst cotton isn’t. This means that silk pulls sweat away from your body and allows it to evaporate, which basically means you don’t smell or get sticky wearing silk.


 Featured in this outfit: SAPPHIRE SILK BIAS SHORTS


The pair that I’m wearing are a vibrant blue which I love. I feel like summer gives you a license to play with brighter and bolder colors. I’ve worn them with a white body suit and the jelly shoes of the season, but I would also wear with a blazer and heels if I wanted to switch it up for a night out.


This next look is a continuation of my thesis of silk and bold, playful colours for summer. This dress has a flare in the skirt so there is a lot of ventilation when walking. I’ve kept the accessories neutral, so as to not fight with the green.


Featured in this outfit: SPLIT JADE SILK V-NECK DRESS


A cream/white button down is a staple of my summer uniform, but this one is fairly unique in the collar detail and makes it more “fashion” than the standard. Once again, I’m prioritising airflow in this look. The sleeves are wide enough for ventilation to the arm pits and the skirt I’ve paired it with is short and flowy for ventilation to the inner thigh. The contrast in the flowy skirt and structure of the shirt makes this outfit interesting to the eye, as does the contrast of the black and cream colouring.




For this last look I’ve styled the blue version of the last button down in an outfit that I would wear for a summer evening on a rooftop sipping martinis. I’ve cropped the shirt with a knot for a more cinched look and have paired it with a high waist skirt to further highlight the waist. Finish with a pair of black mules and lashings of jewellery on the wrists.



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